For this episode, we feature our 2 hour guest spot on the local university radio station CJSW 90.9 on a program called The Mix Up, hosted by Bryson Montgomery AKA 8-Bit Ninja!
We bombed into the studio for a late night 1-3am jam session on August 27th 2016, where the two of us traded back and forth between mixing music and doing a live interview!
We spoke about our local music scene, where our project started, what we have planned for Halloween, and we even gave away some tickets to the show live on the air! 
This was an immense amount of fun, and we were left wanting to come back as soon as possible to do it again!

We hope you enjoy the music and rambling! Thanks for listening!

Also, if you want to check out Ambrosia Skylab, whos music we featured just before the radio mix, head to:


The track featured in this episode is "Net of Being". Seriously cool stuff! We will be featuring more of this album in the coming episodes as well!

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Thank you guys so much!

*** Seems there was far too much copyright content for YouTube to allow us to have this episode hosted there, which is a shame because the video took 9 hours to render and another 7 to upload to YouTube >_<.

Onward and akward, enjoy the audio recording, hopefully it won't meet the same fate!

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