Episode #010 - Sleepwreck w/ Jesse Selkirk & JJ Neufeld

This episode of the Genesa ThoughtLab Podcast features our friends Jesse and JJ of Sleepwreck! This podcast is unique in the sense that JJ remained fully committed to his character "Dr. Isocellator", which ended up being endlessly hilarious. We talked about the recent album release on Vancouver label East Van Digital "Disasterpiece", their tour they were currently in the midst of, as well as various other personal projects Jesse and his parter Cassandra were involved in back home in Saskatoon, SK.

This one was full of laughs and plenty of beer was had, so expect this one to be all over the place ;)

Head over to www.sleepwreck.com to see what they've been up to and to stay connected with further endeavours!

Thanks guys!