This episode features Ben Cantil & Peter Berdovsky, the two masterminds behind the incredible genre-bending audio/visual project Zebbler Encanti Experience! 

We were personally on cloud 9 this whole weekend, as we curated a New Years Eve event where we hosted many of our favourite producers while representing the record label in which most of them are a part of, Gravitas Recordings!

We got to witness the ZEE project for the first time, and thankfully they were able to stay in Calgary long enough for us to sit down and do a full 2 hour episode of the podcast! It was beyond wonderful to connect on this level, and discuss all things involved in the ZEE project, as well as other ventures these two are involved in such as the Secular Psychedelic Movement group on facebook, and Peter's various visual projects which encompass everything from hackers conventions to touring with Sphongle.

We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did!


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